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STADLER and RecycleMe to collaborate on practical recyclability


Both companies join forces in what is the first collaboration of this type, combining consultancy on recyclability with the construction of sorting plants.

The international consulting firm RecycleMe and STADLER Anlagenbau GmbH have announced a partnership to carry out sorting tests to establish the recyclability of packaging. This is a unique partnership across the entire value chain in the recycling world.

The tests for RecycleMe GmbH (a company of the Raan Group, which also includes the Reclay Group companies in the field of EPR systems), will be carried out at STADLER’s recently opened state-of-the-art Test and Innovation Center in Slovenia.

RecycleMe customers will thus be able to evaluate the results of sorting their packaging under actual, real-world conditions. “We are delighted to be able to count on the support of STADLER, undoubtedly a globally recognized asset,” says Sabrina Goebel, CEO of RecycleMe. “This partnership enables us to offer our customers sorting tests under the best conditions, using the latest technology, simulating the practical behavior of the containers and doing so with significant and therefore representative quantities. Thanks to this, we will be able to increase the quality of the results of our recyclability analyses and optimize packaging design.”

Willi Stadler and Sabrina Goebel Stadler Recycleme
Willi Stadler and Sabrina Goebel Stadler Recycleme

Practical study of the recyclability of packaging

The practical study of the recyclability of packaging according to the product category “circular optimize” is part of RecycleMe’s consulting services, of which many customers in various industries have already taken advantage.

Once RecycleMe and STADLER have analyzed the performance of a package, they provide the customer with useful, substantiated reports. They also provide an analysis of the latest trends and other RecycleMe recommendations from experts in the circular economy and the recycling industry. Thanks to this unique partnership, manufacturers and distributors will be able to benefit from all the advantages offered by the accumulated experience of both companies.

Wili Stadler, CEO of STADLER, is also fully confident about the benefits of the new partnership: “I am looking forward to implementing some joint projects and learning about their conclusions. Our Test and Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art sorting plant with the latest sensor-based technology. This will allow us to offer customized solutions to RecycleMe’s customers.”

“We are a leader in building premium recycling plants and a pioneer in our industry. By working with another innovative and well-connected company like RecycleMe GmbH, we will learn first-hand about the latest developments in the market and subsequently incorporate this know-how into new projects,” concludes Willi Stadler

The two companies share a commitment to an efficient and sustainable circular economy in their corporate philosophy.


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